June 9, 2005: This is a little 3D doodle I did in Cinema 4D. There is a member of Pixelcorps that is a maximum expert in Cinema 4D, Dr.Sassmannshausen, aka Sassi, and he is doing a series of tutorials for members that is not only educational but creatively inspiring. One introduced the use of displacement in the materials manager, and that bounced around in my head till I came up with this: I had some video of ripples on the surface of Granite Lake in the Sierras above Lake Tahoe, and I put that in the color channel of a material. Then I put a black and white version of the same video in the displacement channel, and applied the material to a plane primitive. I made another material and applied the checkerboard surface that comes with Cinema, and applied that to another plane. I put the checkerboard plane above the video plane, and animated it to move down slowly through the video plane. This is the result.