June 12, 2005: I'm in the process of putting together a short video--a follow-on to Just This--so I'm mulling over ideas and playing with ways to visualize them. I've been learning Cinema 4D, and experimenting with modeling and animation possibilities that arise in the course of study. This piece starts with a "crane" shot of a plane that has a material applied with a video clip in the color channel. It's applied with a cubic projection, tiled, with the "seamless" box checked. With these options, Cinema flips the video tiles so that the edges all match, producing a pattern effect that I have loved since I first learned to do it in Photoshop. Now it happens with video files instead of stills, and Cinema does all the work. The material has a grayscale version of the same video in the displacement channel.

The next element that comes into view is a formula spline that has been elongated into a sine wave shape and extruded. It has a different video applied with the same settings as the plane. The plane is animated downward on the Y axis so that first the tops and then the rest of the extruded wave appear. Meanwhile, the camera has been moving down and pivoting so that it is looking horizontally along the extruded wave. At that point a bend deformer is applied to the wave, and its strength animated to raise the outer edges toward the center. At the same time, a capsule appears that has been modified to a sphere and its axis rotated to the horizontal so that the slice parameter can be animated to slowly open it toward the camera, revealing a light pointed at the camera with "visible" activated. A copy of this light is behind the sphere to give it a corona effect. The sphere has had a black material applied, and is invisible to all lights in the scene except the one inside it.