A poor kid from the South grows up, gets an education, loses his accent,becomes a pot-head, gets clean, and finally learns the secret of true happiness:

The Journal

The Journal was originally supposed to be a blog-like thing--before there were blogs--but I thought it needed context, so I began it with some biography and the evolution of my thinking. There were three entries when 17-year-old Laura (daughter of my wife's cousin) came out from the East Coast to Oakland in 1996 for a visit. Eve was showing her the wonders of Apple computers and in the process exposed her to my web site, which she then read in full after her return to New York. She began asking me questions via email, which I answered at length, and since our discussions augment and expand the Journal entries, we decided to include them as part of it.

During the course of our writing, I had uploaded a fourth Journal entry, "The Great Myth of Personhood", so the letters have been inserted in two sections divided by that entry. The first section includes: The Letters Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, and Part 4, and the second section includes Part 5 and Part 6, which ends with a bibliography for the Journal up to that point. In early 2000, I posted an essay, "Life after the Death of Free Will," and in December 2005, I added the last entry, "Getting Current Again." Since then I've been concentrating on the podcast, "Bare Brains," and the blog, "The Short Version," and things I might have written in the Journal have been discussed there instead. Transcripts of the podcasts are forthcoming, and are available at the link below.