living room

The Living Room

dining room

From Living Room Toward Dining Room

Dining room

The Dining area? I know; it doesn't look too conventional, but this is where I eat most of the time.


The kitchen, looking from the dining area toward the entry door.

living room looking toward entry

Back in the living room, looking toward the entry door.


Self explanatory. Oops, I left my gym gloves out to dry.

view toward southeast

This and the next two are from the balcony. The window circled in red was the bedroom of my apartment where I lived when I made the first version of this web site--1994 to 1996. It's also where the pictures on the Equipment and Technique pages were taken. The buildings on the horizon are on the other side of Lake Merritt from me.

view toward south

Looking South toward the middle part of the Lake, hidden below the buildings.

view toward southwest

Downtown Oakland is hiding behind the apartment building on the right.