An assortment of sky photos, all taken from the cab of a locomotive in which I happened to be the engineer. It made my conductor a little nervous, but I was very careful to keep control of the train uppermost in mind. Some were even taken while we were stopped by a red signal--very safe. One of the greatest benefits of my years on the railroad was the views. Arizona had some great views too, but I wasn't doing photography then. For questions or comments: email.

birds on power lines at sunset in roseville, ca

Living in the Campervan in the Union Pacific Parking Lot, Roseville, Ca: My Neighbors

parking lot outside Dos Coyotes in roseville

Looking Toward My Favorite Roseville Restaurant: Dos Coyotes

defunct globe mills in sacramento

Defunct Globe Mills in Sacramento. I Love the Grouping of Shapes

sunrise over martinez, ca

Sunrise over Martinez, the Shell Refinery, and Mount Diablo on the Right

martinez sunrise, wider view

A Broader View

burnt pilings of the wharf in Port Costa, Ca, where entire trains were once ferried across the straits

The Burnt Pilings of the Port Costa Wharf. Whole Trains Took the Ferry Before the Bridge Was Built.

on lower left, benicia, ca, opposite end of the ferry line to Port Costa

Benicia Peeking Up From the Left. The Other End of the Ferry Crossing

shoreline near Rodeo, ca

Shoreline Near Rodeo, Tanker in the Distance

east bay shoreline further south; mount tamalpais opposite.

Point Pinole in the Distance, Mount Tamalpais Beyond, Across the Bay

point pinole ahead

Point Pinole

near town of pinole

Near the Town of Pinole

point pinole with mount tamalpais in the distance


northern shore of point pinole

North Shore of Point Pinole

salt plant near Newark, CA

Salt Plant Near Newark, CA

windmills on altamount pass

Windmills on the Altamont Pass