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Eve and I spent a couple of days in the campervan at Jalama Beach, near San Louis Obispo. It has a lot in common with other California beaches: flanked by cliffs, a tiny creek emptying into the ocean, broad and flat at low tide, and long reaches in both directions. Like other beaches between Pismo and L.A., the railroad is nearby.

wave patterned sedementary

Jalama Beach

In September of 2004 I joined an organization called the Pixelcorps, and one of the fun things we do is collect libraries of images that might be used later in computer graphics work. The first subject of 2005 is skyscrapers, or the biggest buildings around at least, and these are some I took in Oakland, most with a Nikon Coolpix 4300, but some (which I'll point out), with my new Canon Optura 30 in still mode.

downtown oakland from lake merritt

Downtown Oakland Page 1

downtown oakland mall

Downtown Oakland Page 2

The second photo challenge was skys, but of course as soon as it was announced, the skys cleared, so I went through the photos I had to find the ones that were mostly sky. When I re-designed these pages, I left out some that I thought were repetitive, and added a few newer ones that seemed interesting.

sunset on shores of east bay

Railroad Skys

florida gulf coast

Here and There

In my old neighborhood I used to walk to the grocery and hardware stores, varying my route to check out all the gardens and take pictures. In the two years since I got a small camera, the Nikon Coolpix 4300, I've taken a lot of flower pictures, and these are my favorites.

kangaroo paws in bloom

Flowers Page One

australian tea rose

Flowers Page Two

orange fuzzy clusters

Flowers Page Three

golden yellow flowers

Flowers Page Four