All these images were taken on one memorable day. We got up early enough in the morning to catch the sunrise, but since it came up opposite the beach, most of it was blocked by the hills. The afternoon, with sunset over the Pacific, was a different story, and in between was a feast for the eye. It was cool and windy, though, and we stayed out of the water and bundled up.

sedementary rocks with wave-like ridges

Stone Waves

pitted stone slab with sand trapped in pits

Diamonds in the Rough

sedementary rocks wave-polished in sensuous curves

Sensuous Sedementary

rain-eroded spires in sandy cliff

Above the Waves, the Rain Leaves It's Mark

cliff swallow nests on cliffs

Where I Stay When I'm Flying

sedementary rock with iron layers

Waves of Iron

floating red weeds and gull feather

Pond Weed Paints an Abstact, With Gull Feather for Accent

patterned and cracked driftwood

Pink Stream Flowing in Driftwood

pelican footprint in sand

Pelican Glyph

shell fragments make parallel ridges when waves recede

Pattern Makers

gulls spacing themselves evenly along the beach

Everyone Has a Place of Their Own

sunlight and ripples make patterns on the streambed

Ripple Magic

wet kelp stems left by tide

Kelp Veins

kelp leaves with brain-like pattern

Kelp Brains

eroded sand flea tunnel

Arc of the Sand Flea

shore-bird tracks and sand-flea tunnel

Food Chain Drama

shore-bird footprints pass single stone on beach

Inedible Object

dry sand blowing across wet beach

Wind Wraiths

single strand of grass on wind-swept beach

Hanging by a Thread

beach grass making tiny sand dunes

Grass Makes Miniature Dunes

iron patterns in sedementary rock

Ingrained Patterns

sunlight grazing the  tops of sand carved by receding waves

Delta Sunset

surfer on sunset beach at low tide

Alone in the Vastness

end of sunset

The End of a Perfect Day