I actually don't know any of these for sure, although one is obviously a fern. If you want to alleviate my ignorance or correct my mistakes you can send me an email.

orange dragon ?

This Shall Be Known as Orange Dragon

another orange dragon

Look at Those Wierd Fangs!

one more orange dragon

Another Specimen, Still Dangerous

orange dragon foliage

Even the Foliage Looks Dangerous

more orange dragon foliage

If You Haven't Run Already, It's Too Late

pink English garden ?

Makes Me Think of an English Garden

farmers' market flowers

Bought at the Farmers' Market, These Lasted Forever

golden yellow flowers from Lakeside Park

From The Shores of Lake Merritt

more golden yellow

A Different Phase in Stamen Presentation

last golden yellow

Flanked By Spent Blossoms, Interesting in a Different Way


Another Not-Flower

white rose wider view

I Think This Is an Old-Fashioned Single Rose

white rose

Now Can You Tell?