Again, there are a few guesses here, and some outright unknowns. If you want to alleviate my ignorance or correct my mistakes you can send me an email.

wider view of daisy, more aphids

An Ant, an Aphid, and a Daisy

underside of daisy with ant and aphid

Oops! More Aphids; Looks Like a Problem

top view of daisy with ant

Doesn't Look So Bad from Here

daisy bud just opening

In the Beginning Was the Bud...

orange fuzzy clusters?

Unknown Orange Fuzzies

more orange fuzzy clusters

A Multitude of Orange Fuzzies

creamy clusters ?

Unknown Creamy Clusters

pink clusters

Pink Creamy Cluster Cousins

palo verde blossoms

Palo Verde from the Desert Soutwest, Doing Well in Northern California

red dahlia with cucumber beetle

Red Dahlia with Shy Cucumber Beetle

unknown tree blossoms

Unknown Tree Blossoms on Lakeshore Avenue

more unknown tree blossoms

More Unknowns

unknown lavender flowers

Unknown Tiny Lavender Flowers

sycamore tree blossoms

Unknown Tree Blossoms

yellow gerber daisy

Gerber Daisy

magenta gerber

Just Another Daisy

lawn with white daisies

Daisies in the Grass

calfonia lilac

California Lilac

weed blossoms in kitchen corner

Unknown Weed in Kitchen Corner