I actually know what most of the flowers on this page are called, with a few guesses. If you want to alleviate my ignorance or correct my mistakes you can send me an email.

california poppy full bloom

California Poppy Up Close

california poppy buds

Poppy Buds

Australiat tea rose closeup

Australian Tea Rose

australian tea rose flowering branch

Australian Tea Rose Branch

unknown blue berries

Unknown Blue Berries

tiny blue lillies

Tiny Lillies

hycrangia blossoms closeup

Hydrangia Blossoms--More Iron and They'd Be More Blue

jacaranda blossoms


more jacarandas

Jacaranda Wider View

the last jacaranda

Jacaranda Fully Open

lipstick blossoms?

Lipstick Plant(?) Buds

lipstick plant wider view

Lipstick Blossoms Open

morning glory

Morning Glory

nasturtium closeup with insect

Nasturtium and Friend

new pine needles

OK, Not a Flower, but On My Walk...

plum blossom

Plum Blossom

plum blossom buds

Plumb Blossom Buds

potatoe vine blossoms

Potatoe Vine

princess flower buds

Princess Flower Buds with Visiting Ant

princess flower closeup

Princess Flower--Looks Dangerous