OK, so I like flowers; I'm that kind of guy. (You may have to read the entire web site to get the joke in, "that kind of guy.") The colors are amazing and wonderful enough, but what interests me as much or more are the forms they take as they go through their stages of development. I get lots of ideas for three dimensional models I'd like to build and animate, and in the meantime, they are wonderful objects for contemplation. I took most of these photos on walks in my old neighborhood with a Nikon Coolpix 4300. Some were taken with a Nikon 8800--see if you can tell the difference. I am not concerned enough with names to have learned what all of them are called, so I gave some of them descriptive names for my own convenience. If you want to alleviate my ignorance you can send me an email.

kangaroo paws

Kangaroo Paws, Formerly Known as "Red Fuzzies"

agapantha bud

Agapantha Bud

agapantha starting to open

Agapantha Beginning to Open

agapantha further along

Agapantha Coming Right Along

agapantha further stil.

Agapantha Up Close

agapantha almost done

Agapantha Ready to Pop

agapantha fully open with bee

Agapantha Preparing For the Next Generation

red succulent

Unknown Red Succulent

succulent blooming

Unknown Blooming Succulent



sorrel with invasive flower

Sorrel with Unknown Invasive

sorrel with lillies

Sorrel Among Lilly Leaves

fly on sorrel

Sorrel with Fly

blue spikey (unknown)

Blue Spikey (Unknown)

blue spikey (unknown)

Pregnant Blue Spikey (Unknown)

blue spikey (unknown)

Another Blue Spikey (Unknown)

white spikey with stamens

White Variant, Ready to Party

maybe gladiola

Gladiola, Perhaps

camelia cluster


camelia closeup

Camelia Closeup

camelia extreme closeup

Camelia Really Close