These images were taken on January 28, 2005, around Lake Merritt, which isn't actually a lake. It is connected by a channel to the Alameda Estuary, which is connected to the San Francisco Bay, so in fact, it is connected to all the oceans in the world. As a homework assignment for the Pixelcorps, the main focus was tall buildings, but a little bit of Spring slipped in.

building with gold tinted windows

This building has gold-tinted windows which makes for warm reflections.

gold tinted windows at angle

Different perspective, different reflections.

group of buildings across lake merritt

Beautiful day, nice group of buildings.

aluminum building across lake

Closer view of the Aluminum one.

more buildings across lake

The birds make it look easy to get that high.

curved building across lake

Close-up of the tall one.

rounded building across lake

Nice neighbors.

tribune tower from lake merritt

Oakland City Hall clock tower in the distance between the tall ones. More later.

city hall clock tower from lake merritt

The Tribune tower peeking through. We'll see it again soon.

reflections on silver building

Nice reflections off the neighbors.

residential side of lake merritt

Looking Eastward--makes me think "Mediterranean," though I've never been there.

acacia blossoms

"Springtime, the acacias are bloomin,'" even in Northern California.

bare california buckeye

California Buckeye will be sprouting soon, in the meantime they epitomize gnarliness.

japanese magnolia blooming

Japanese Magnolia showing off.

pigeons on pruned sycamore

And the pigeons continue to thrive.