These images were taken on January 27, 2005 in downtown Oakland. As a homework assignment for the Pixelcorps, the main focus was tall buildings as tall buildings, but many of these are more about buildings as a source of interesting photos. Most were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4300, but some used a Canon Optura 30 in still photo mode and will be noted as "Canon."

toward tribune building from federal building

From the Plaza of the Federal Building looking Eastward-Canon

downtown oakland mall

The Downtown Mall

tribune tower

The Tribune Building

office building, late afternoon

The City at Work

angular buildings and domed tower

Angles with one dome

angled building reflections

Merger by reflection

federal building walkway

The Feds bridging the gap

curved building reflecting angular one

Curves reflecting angles-Canon

identical buildings opposite each other

Overshadowed by Symmetry

one building reflecting its twin

Reflecting on You

plant reflected in mirrored ceiling

Up or Down

row of angular buildings

Shoulder to Shoulder

city hall tower

Oakland City Hall

city hall promenade

North Side Promenade

city hall upper tower

City Hall Clock Tower-Canon

corner of  city hall

Getting the Details in Perspective

modern building reflecting older one

The Simple Reflecting the Complex-Canon

fern growing in crevice of building

Making Inroads-Canon

ornate detail of older building


mixture of architectures