Bare Brains Podcast Transcripts

Love, Life, Meaning, Zen, and Science

by Norm Bearrentine

Love, Life, Meaning, Zen, and Science: subjects I read and think about often. Over the course of days or weeks of reading and thinking, sooner or later things start to jell--a podcast is about ready. I wait for a day when my schedule and brain are clear, then sit in the recliner for a bit and sort of run through it in my head. If there is something I want to quote, I put that on the desk, and then I sit down with the microphone and talk it all out. Afterwards I edit the recording in Soundtrack Pro to take out some of the long pauses and superfluous noises.

As a result, in order to get text files of the episodes I have to listen to them and type what I said. Figuring out how to punctuate is a puzzle. The only editing I do is to take out some of the excessive “and's”--it seems that I have a tendency to substitute “and” for what probably should be a period--but I don’t take them all out. I want to preserve the flow of the original podcast as much as possible.

Podcasts have the advantage that you can listen while you're doing something else, but it's difficult to find any particular section. The transcripts are searchable, and since I have a problem remembering what I've said, I can refresh my memory with a key word or two.

If you've ever puzzled about love and life, the meaning of it all, welcome to my version of what it's all about. These ideas were gifts from the universe to me, and now to you. I hope they bring you the joy, peace, and contentment they've given me.